Climb - Sector for Telendian Print
Climb - Sector for Telendian
Dedicated to the very kindly people of Telendos! (The lower sector, a small gorge)

1. Kane to bam - 7a 30m 10 bolts. You are not here for sleeping!
2. ET BIM - 7a 30m 11 bolts. The same but in french.
3. Fatsa karta aton levante - 5c 25m 8 bolts. The only crack of Telendos caves, finish by the slab not by the crack.
4. Helene the teacher - 6b 25m 9 bolts. Surprising route with big holds. Funny end.
5. Brutallsation - 7a 20m 7 bolts. As its French name indicates, very beautiful steep wall.
6. Gresivaudan - 6c 15m 6 bolts. A slight over-hanging beginning and easy end.
7. Mazette - 6b 30m 11 bolts. Again this amazing rock, of course, we are a Telendos.